Telecom Invoicing:

Automated. Optimized. Streamlined.
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Telsphere, Inc., is a Software as a Service (Saas) company based in Pinehurst, NC. We specialize in Essential Telecom Expense Management, Technology Assurance & Intelligence, Custom Web Applications, and System Integration and Migration. Our team of DevOps professionals have extensive backgrounds in building enterprise level software.

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[st_feature_box st_template=”layout1″ content_align=”text-default” icon_type=”fontawesome” title_item=”Essential TEM” button_type=”text” description_item=”Your entire data set in one, consistent, normalized, and consolidated database. Telsphere enables access to and analysis of carrier data to improve and optimize decisions and performance across your enterprise services.” image=”110″]
[st_feature_box st_template=”layout1″ content_align=”text-default” icon_type=”fontawesome” title_item=”Contract Management” button_type=”button” description_item=”Telsphere provides you insight and foresight to your contracts to insure that your capacity planning is accurate. Our platform also centralizes all of your contracts into one location for ease of use, tracking, and adhering to service levels.” image=”112″]
[st_feature_box st_template=”layout1″ content_align=”text-default” icon_type=”fontawesome” title_item=”Inventory Management” button_type=”text” button_link=”” button_text=”Learn More” description_item=”By consolidating your inventory, Telsphere provides you with full visibility into your entire enterprise and allows you to drill down to single device units. Our inventory management allows you detailed control over all of your assets.” image=”207″]
[st_feature_box st_template=”layout1″ content_align=”text-default” icon_type=”fontawesome” title_item=”Invoice Management” button_type=”button” description_item=”Telsphere takes a comprehensive approach to optimizing and streamlining your invoice process by automating the data load process, optimizing Accounts Payable, and reducing manual intervention and errors.” image=”113″]

Telsphere provides a practical and intuitive portal to view all of your types of service, carriers, and accounts with clear view reporting. Telsphere allows telecom managers and department heads to accurately view costs of overall spend between accounts, cost centers, departments, and more.